Last preparations before departure

The last few days have been crazy busy! I left Trondheim on Saturday, with butterflies in my stomach. In a good way!

After arriving in Longyearbyen, me, Martin and Jon (the other two NTNU PhD’s also on the cruise) spent Sunday doing the last preparations, getting equipment from the University Centre in Svalbard (UNIS):

After that, we had time for some sightseeing. We did a short hike up to Gruve 2b here in Longyearbyen.

Then we found a polar bear! Fortunately it was friendly…

I am now sitting in my room in the UNIS Guest House (where I usually stay when I’m in Svalbard) writing this before we leave to board Oden in an hour. I finished some last-minute (literally) work, a poster about my PhD work for a CIRFA workshop while I’m away:

CIRFA is one of the projects my PhD is related to. The project do research on remote sensing and forecasting in the Arctic, and is hosted by the University of Tromsø.

The rest of the scientists will arrive today, and I also hear rumors that the Swedish minister of higher education and research will join us for the safety drills.

In an hour I will leave to board Oden. She has been waiting for us in the fjord for quite some time, and seems eager to fill up with scientists and embark on the journey to the north. We will depart tomorrow.

Her draft (depth in the water) and the few quay facilities in Longyearbyen means she must moor in the middle of the fjord, so we will be shuttled out in a smaller boat.

Looking forwards to seeing her again! Over and out for now!


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