Photo of the day: Windy!

Local time: 2016-24-08 19:28
Position: 88° 23.40’N 124° 20.22’W
Heading: 198°
Speed: 2.5 knots
Water depth: 3935 m
Wind speed: 11.3 m/s
Air temperature: -2.3°C
Feels like (wind chill): -9.74°C
Sea temperature: -1.3°C

The last couple of days we have had a lot of wind, up to 21 m/s! We also had some snow. This morning the wind had settled down a bit, but it was still enough to make Trine’s hair stand straight up as we were headed to the lab.

In the photo: Trine Andreasen, student from University of Aarhus.



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