Halfway through!

img 1773

The LSSL following in our wake

Local time: 2016-08-30 21:19
Position: 82° 34.80’N 138° 19.34’W
Heading: 160°
Speed: 2.5 knots
Water depth: 3337 m
Wind speed: 11.3 m/s
Air temperature: -0.75°C
Feels like (wind chill): -7.96°C
Sea temperature: -1.5°C

Monday was day 22 out of 44, so now we are over half way in the expedition. Time flies!

At the time of writing, we are in transit towards Canada and the next survey area. The LSSL had to abandon their seismic activities a couple of days ago, due to some unforeseen damage to the gear while in the water under the ice. In addition, heavy ice conditions made it difficult to manoeuvre in the area in which we were supposed to do seismic. The LSSL is a very capable icebreaker, but with seismic gear towing behind their vessel they cannot go forwards at full power. Therefore, they got more easily stuck in the ice when the ice pressure got higher, and the lead we broke open closed up fast behind us.

The new area we are heading into is towards Canada, where we will do bathymetric surveys (measuring depth and shape of seafloor) of high importance. We will stay in this area for some time, before heading back towards Svalbard. After all, it takes some time to get back there.

Life on board is going well. People have settled in, gotten used to life on board, formed friendships and are well into their work. I have settled into a nice routine of working in the morning and early afternoon, then exercising and having a sauna before dinner. Then I work again a bit in the evening.

img 1492

Grace (Shephard) working on the bridge.

img 2114

The students from Aarhus University (Trine Andreasen, Andreas Skifter Madsen, Anders Dahlin and Lasse Eriksen) working in their classroom container.

The food on board Oden is amazing, thanks to cook “Raj Raj” and his team in the mess. The fresh food has lasted surprisingly long, but the last week there has been a distinct change. The salad bar, previously containing fresh fruit and vegetables for breakfast and salad with tomatoes and cucumber for lunch and dinner, have taken a twist towards canned and long shelf life-veggies such as cabbage and carrots and tinned goods such as peas, olives and beans. However, nobody is complaining, we are well fed and happy!

img 1834

Launching of weather balloon from helideck with everyone taking pictures.


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