Photo(s) of the day: Arctic sun and halos

img 2547

Peak sun halo (the innermost one)

Local time: 2016-09-08 23:48
Position: 88° 05.24’N 080° 28.08’E
Heading: 209°
Speed: 5.5 knots
Water depth: 4478 m
Wind speed: 12.1 m/s
Air temperature: -6.68°C
Feels like (wind chill): -15.83°C
Sea temperature: -1.6°C

Today has been one of those days who makes me feel like I am the luckiest person on the planet, because I get to be here and see this beautiful and remote place. I never imagined the Arctic would look so different day-to-day (check out what it looks like most days here).

We had blue skies and shining sun since last night all the way till tonight. A double sun halo appeared in the afternoon today. According to Nicke, our meteorologist, the halos appear due to the sunlight’s reflection in the ice crystals in fog in the atmosphere. The halos were not all the way around the sun.

There are still 24 hours sunlight in the high Arctic. The sun moves in a horizontal circle above the horizon. However, it will not last for much longer. On September equinox, around 23 September, summer is over and the sun will set in the Arctic for good this year. It will go to Antarctica and the southern hemisphere, to give them the summer they have been longing for (well, the sun does not really go there, the Earth’s rotational axis tilt and the Earth orbits around the sun, but you know what I mean). The sun will not return to the Arctic for another six months, until March equinox (around 20 March) next year. Isn’t it strange that the high Arctic only has one sunset and one sunrise per year?

img 2583

The sun halo at a later stage

img 2441

Beautiful blue skies, sun and rippled snow



3 thoughts on “Photo(s) of the day: Arctic sun and halos

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  2. I stumbled across your blog via a reference on a discussion forum about arctic sea ice. The research expedition sounds like a great experience, and I’ve enjoyed your pictures – the arctic is an amazing place.


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