Kreftskiva: Crayfish and homemade hats

Being on a Swedish icebreaker with a fantastic crew means learning Swedish traditions. We already had a surströmming party (eating fermented herring). Last Saturday, we got to participate in another Swedish traditional autumn party; kreftskiva (crayfish party)!

Myself with my Oden hat, Piotr with a weather balloon hat and Grace as an Arctic reindeer

After what I have learned, you make your own hat for the party. Therefore, craft supplies such as paper, cardboard, tape, glue and staples were placed in the starboard mess for people to put their creativity to use in making hats. Many wanted to make a hat that represented their work package, me and Jon included. Both being naval architects, we agreed that the most natural was to make each our hat model of Oden. Others hats with work package themes included weather balloons, sea anemones, coring caps, faulty instruments and seismic profiles. So much creativity!

The evening started with sangria welcome drinks in the starboard mess (the bar). Everyone showed off their hats, and admired the others. We each got a piece of blue tape, and were to place it on the person with, in our opinion, the best hat. I won, and the price was of course a hat from the Swedish Polar Research Secretariat.

Jon landing the helicopter from his Oden hat on my Oden hat

After pre-drinks, we headed into the port side mess (where we usually eat) for dinner. Cook Raj Raj and his galley crew had prepared a huge pan of paella and crayfish on the side. It was delicious! We washed it down with schnapps, while learning Swedish (and Danish!) drinking songs.

A huge pan of delicious paella

As always, we continued the party in the bar again after dinner. And, as always, this is where my blog posts end as well!


One thought on “Kreftskiva: Crayfish and homemade hats

  1. Good stuff! Most of the people from the west coast never eat fresh water cray fish, just the ones from the sea. But personally I belong to the poor squad who love both of them! 🙂


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