Kreftskiva: Crayfish and homemade hats

Being on a Swedish icebreaker with a fantastic crew means learning Swedish traditions. We already had a surströmming party (eating fermented herring, which I wrote about here: Last Saturday, we got to participate in another Swedish traditional autumn party; kreftskiva (crayfish party)! After what I have learned, you make your own hat for the … Continue reading Kreftskiva: Crayfish and homemade hats


Local time: 2016-08-28 15:03 Position: 86° 21.76'N 134° 26.40'W Heading: 246° Speed: 5.3 knots Water depth: 2140 m Wind speed: 19.8 m/s Air temperature: -0.1°C Feels like (wind chill): -8.59°C Sea temperature: -1.5°C (English below) Dette har jeg glemt å nevne, men forrige uke ble jeg intervjuet på radio. Hallo P3 har en spalte som … Continue reading Radiotryne