New promo video for NTNU, and I’m in it!

Some days my job is more amazing than others. Today, I and all other employees and students at NTNU received an email from the rector Gunnar Bovim launching the new promo video for the university. They have been collecting videos from NTNU people all through the year for this. When we went to the North Pole, I got an email asking us to do a video on the North Pole to use in the video. And not only did they use our clip in the video, rector Bovim chose a still from our clip in the email AND mentioned me by name along side Nobel laureate Edvard Moser.

I’m overwhelmed! I know it’s not a huge thing (I mean, the Moser’s won the Nobel Prize and all, I just sat on a boat going to the North Pole), but even still I was a bit floored, knowing the email went out to over 40.000 people. Bear with me.

I think the video is really good and well made, and it makes me proud to study and work in NTNU.

Can you spot me?

Hint: There is a clip from the North Pole at 1:45.


Local time: 2016-08-28 15:03
Position: 86° 21.76’N 134° 26.40’W
Heading: 246°
Speed: 5.3 knots
Water depth: 2140 m
Wind speed: 19.8 m/s
Air temperature: -0.1°C
Feels like (wind chill): -8.59°C
Sea temperature: -1.5°C

(English below)

Dette har jeg glemt å nevne, men forrige uke ble jeg intervjuet på radio. Hallo P3 har en spalte som heter Utenriksstudentene, hvor jeg er med som doktorgradsstipendiat og forteller litt om hva det innebærer å ta doktorgrad.

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