Kreftskiva: Crayfish and homemade hats

Being on a Swedish icebreaker with a fantastic crew means learning Swedish traditions. We already had a surströmming party (eating fermented herring, which I wrote about here: Last Saturday, we got to participate in another Swedish traditional autumn party; kreftskiva (crayfish party)! After what I have learned, you make your own hat for the … Continue reading Kreftskiva: Crayfish and homemade hats

Participants posting from Arctic Ocean 2016

There are several participants posting content and photos from the expedition. I have linked to some through my page. Below is an updated list of people to follow and hashtags for seeing content from the expedition. Participants on Oden tweeting: @polarforskning @Martin_Heyn @ShepGracie @IanMBrooks @polaranna @DrPrytherch @jonbjorno Participants on Louis S. St.-Laurent tweeting: @emiliehchoue @marylynndickso3 … Continue reading Participants posting from Arctic Ocean 2016

Jeg skal til Nordpolen! / I’m going to the North Pole!

Om under to uker er jeg på vei til Nordpolen. Dette er første innlegg på bloggen om reisen. Her tar jeg for meg vanlige spørsmål om hvorfor og hvordan jeg skal til Nordpolen. / In less than two weeks I am on my way to the North Pole. This is the first post on the blog about the journey. In the post, I answer some common questions about why and how I am going to the North Pole.