Best moments of 2016

Gledelig jul and Merry Christmas! I hope everyone has had a peaceful Christmas, and stuffed their faces with all the good food and candy that belongs in this holiday. My Christmas was spent in Oslo (my home town) with my family; my mother, sister, her girlfriend and their dogs. Even though there was no white Cristmas this year, at least we had sun!

Some of you have messaged me and asked if I have quit blogging, since there has not been much activity recently. The answer is definitely no! I enjoy writing, and I get to do so many awesome things during this PhD journey that I love to share with you. In 2017, one of my new year’s resolutions will be to blog more frequently!

2016 has been a great year for me. During this first year of my PhD, I have learned and experienced so much. I wanted to do a recap post of all these moments, but I may do separate posts on some of the highlights later. Some of them definitely deserve that!

The moments and experiences are impossible to rate, so I will just list them in chronological order:

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90° North: We have reached the North Pole!

img 2931

90 deg North!

Local time: 14:23 2016-08-22
Position: 89° 59.02’N 070° 24.63’W
Heading: 310°
Speed: 4.8 knots
Water depth: 4225 m
Wind speed: 8.5 m/s
Air temperature: -5.15°C
Feels like (wind chill): -12.76°C
Sea temperature: -1.5°C

We have reached the North Pole! Yesterday, 21 August 2016 at 11:03:35, we finally reached it after lurking around in the area for several days.

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Day 1 & 2 – Boarding and departure

Local time: 23:22 2016-08-09
Position: 79° 20.02’N 008° 51.31’E
Heading: 351°
Speed: 8.8 kts
Water depth: 147 m
Wind speed: 15.6 m/s
Air temperature: 1.8°C
Feels like (wind chill): -5.6°C
Sea temperature: 6.1°C

We boarded the Oden on Monday afternoon. She had been waiting for us, with a fresh crew. They just changed, and the new crew arrived Saturday on the same plane as us from Tromsø.

The first day was spent unpacking and settling in. Those who were not in Helsingborg in May for Mobilization Week familiarized themselves with the ship and had safety drills. It was nice seeing a lot of friendly faces again, and there was a lot of unknown faces as well. We’re about 60 people on board. Luckily, we will have plenty of time in the coming weeks to get to know each other!

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Jeg skal til Nordpolen! / I’m going to the North Pole!

[English below]

Om under to uker legger ut på tur, og turen går ikke hvor som helst. Jeg skal nemlig til Nordpolen! Jeg har mye å forberede, og er sikker på at jeg kommer til å oppleve mye spennende underveis, så dere som er nysgjerrige kan følge reisen min på denne bloggen.

Det er vanligvis noen spørsmål rundt hvorfor og hvordan jeg skal komme meg til Nordpolen, så derfor jeg har laget en liste under av de vanligste spørsmålene jeg har fått når jeg har sagt jeg skal dit. Continue reading