#MusicMonday: I’ll be your icebreaker

I don’t know of many songs about ice management, but Norway’s ESC contribution from 2016, Icebreaker, comes pretty close. Ok, so maybe the lyrics are not meant to be taken that literally, but for me it’s almost hard not to!

Do you know the song? Or any other songs about ice management?


Every night
Before I sleep a shiver down my spine
Thoughts align
What can I do to make you listen

Like a northern light
You’re dancing over every border line
Passing every sign
Between reality and fiction

Every single promise that you ever made
Spinning in my mind like a hurricane
Baby, yes, I hear your mayday

I’ll be your icebreaker 
When you’re stuck in frozen water 
(When you’re stuck in) 
Frozen water 

You go astray
Just like a Polaroid
You fade away
I’ll be you partner
and liberate you from your prison

Baby, yes, I hear your mayday

We’re way too young to say goodbye
Whenever you loose faith just hold the line
It takes a lot of nerve to save a life