First sea trials in ice completed

After three days of sailing, we arrived in the Gulf of Bothnia on Saturday afternoon. This northernmost sea between Sweden and Finland freeze over in winter, and this is where we will conduct the sea trials.


Ice in the Bothnian Bay.


Sunset meeting on the bridge.

We are performing sea trials in ice with two offshore anchor handling tug supply (AHTS) vessels. Magne Viking, the vessel I am on, has ice class but is not an icebreaker. This means it can sail and break ice in light ice conditions, due to its reinforced hull. The other vessel, Tor Viking, is an actual icebreaking AHTS. So we send that one in front when we are sailing to break the ice.


Tor Viking breaking ice

Today has been a busy and exciting day on board. We have performed the first test trials in the ice and tested a lot of the equipment. In addition, we had really nice weather, which is always a nice bonus.


Testing of the Ocean Eye from Maritime Robotics

The main part of the trials is that we will be moored while in the ice, while Tor Viking breaks the ice around us (called ice management). Ice management reduces the loads from the ice on the moored vessel (us) by breaking the large ice floes in smaller ones. This is critical, otherwise the moored ship can in worst case be pushed so much by the ice that it goes under when it is connected on the anchor.

The trials were very successful, and everyone had large smiles on their faces today.


First hook-up trials for the anchor deployment.


Always happy to see the ice.

2 thoughts on “First sea trials in ice completed

  1. Great shots! I spend some years on a paper carrier on the Gothenburg-Lubeck-Kemi trade. It was amazing with the long ice season (sometimes almost to midsumer.. 🙂 Also bear in mind all the cute seal-babys laying on the ice floes with their mothers when it became warmer

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    • Glad you’re following us, Mårten! Sailing in ice is indeed quite amazing. And ees, we’ve seen quite a few baby seals with their mothers. So cute and fluffy!


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